Pasargad Medical Group has been professionally and expertly active in the field of aesthetics and surgery for over two decades. It is a scientific-specialized group in the field of skin, hair, and related equipment, aiming to provide different and distinct services in the field of equipment and supplies, education, and medical services based on its scientific and executive backgrounds.

Pasargad Medical Group strives to always be a provider of the latest scientific information and new treatment methods, while developing medical and educational services and creating informed choices in a competitive and healthy environment for individuals.

Pasargad is the only official and international representative of BIOCARE Academy in Iran and is not affiliated with any brand or product, with no branches in Tehran or Iran. BIOCARE Academy is approved by GAIA, NVCG, and the Royal European Medical Society.

All instructors and workshop teachers at Pasargad are experienced and certified physicians and specialists by BIOCARE Academy, who have transferred their experiences to thousands of aspiring physicians. Many physicians who have completed courses at Pasargad have been able to establish large medical and beauty centers with the necessary licenses, and the skills acquired at Pasargad Medical Group have always been the backbone of their success.

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