All workshops are scheduled and fully standardized; therefore, they are conducted both theoretically and practically according to the set objectives, and all trainees will be highly satisfied and ready to enter the job market after completing the course.

All workshops have both theoretical and practical sections, and workshops are completely dynamic and hands-on. Introducing case studies in the hands-on section and the cost of consumables are the responsibility of the participant.

Surgeons, physicians and dentists are the target audience of the workshops. The eligibility criteria for each workshop are introduced on the respective workshop pages.

All certificates are issued within 3 working months and will be sent to your address. It is possible for the sending process to take longer, and participants will be informed about this. If for any reason a certificate sent is returned to us, the re-sending cost will be the responsibility of the applicant.

All issued certificates have a prominent stamp and hologram and can be verified by the BioCare Academy in Europe.

Please note that the certificates issued will not be a license for individuals to operate in Iran and will simply be a document confirming the completion of the course.

There is no written exam held after the workshops, and grades are based on the individual’s participation in the workshop, questions and answers, and problem-solving.

Teaching in all workshops will be both theoretical and practical, and the content will be taught in an operational manner.

By visiting the website, you can enter the unique certificate code in the relevant section to receive verification.

If you decide to withdraw from the course, 20% of the fee will be deducted and refunded to you up to 24 hours before the workshop starts.

From 24 hours before the workshop starts until the workshop begins, 50% will be deducted, and once the workshop has started, there is no possibility of refunding the payment under any circumstances.

Yes. All workshops will be taught by approved specialist and experienced doctors.

All educational resources will be either provided on the same day the workshop starts or accessible afterwards by signing up on the website.

Yes. You can ask your questions through WhatsApp or Telegram to the center. Our experts and specialists will respond to you as soon as possible.